Monday, 5 September 2011

Tokyo and Me (#3)

Roppongi and Tokyo tower
Tokyo tower~

It was a long day when I visited Roppongi. The weather was fine but hot ><. Right after arriving Roppongi station, I took some shots and took a window-shopping tour around several expensive fashion and zakka shops in the nearest and largest department stores.
it was really cute, also expensive and interestingly heavy ^^
Those guys look so cute and interesting so I bought one to try making. His name is Kevin.
Kevin completed. XD

After having enough fun with window-shopping at Roppongi, we walked to Roppongi Mid-town, visited some zakkaya (selling small things, decors and interiors), then headed to Tokyo tower.

At the bottom of this photo's original version, there was me standing and trying to get some light so that my face could be seen in the photo. But I failed T_T, so I cropped the photo...So sad ;__;
Tokyo tower, was so beautiful as it is. I was kinda lucky to decide to visit Tokyo tower that day, because there was fireworks display nearby and I could see fireworks from Tokyo tower. So...let's go ^0^

Tokyo's night scene

Tokyo! *heart*
Tokyo tower's model
Tokyo tower, I *heart* you XD
Yeah finally I could take photo with Tokyo tower *sigh*. Anyway satisfied XD

Tokyo is fun !!!

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