Friday, 9 September 2011

Autumn's wishlist

I haven't gone shopping recently, and autumn is coming near by. The evidence is that Tokyo's weather have been so cool these days. What an ideal weather to go out and go shopping!



I'm still sitting here and browsing, making this wishlist :"). It was simply because things I want are a little bit expensive (to me)...And I'm still looking for cheap ones. Yosh, until I can find one, I have to kill the time and bear my desire by looking at this.
Ordered by the most desired ^0^
1. First is a British kilt skirt!!!
want one like this

too cute and short for me :">
Yes! A long, dark color kilt skirt.

2. Next is a new cardigan
a cardigan with creamy color
From w-closet
3. A cream, beige or white Dolman sleeve knit

4. A wide pant and ballet shoes ^^

exactly this one!

5. A long skirt or denim skirt:

6. Something red
7. A knit camel outer
8. Olive green

And to be continued... (I think it doesn't end) >_<

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