Monday, 12 September 2011

Ferris wheel

Ferris wheel by midori no yume 256
Ferris wheel, a photo by midori no yume 256 on Flickr.

new photos uploaded to Flickr.
Night and sunset shots collection. ^^
Continued the Tokyo summer set.

I always love Ferris Wheel. I have a desire of visiting all the Ferris Wheel in the world, or at least big ones : P. That's why I've visited Yokohama yesterday. It was such a great day and I did enjoy it very much.
Yokohama is a beautiful port city with delicious Chinese food, modern buildings, the green of trees and the blue of sea. I thought that living there wasn't bad since I could take a walk to the sea whenever I want.

Via Flickr:
Yokohama Ferris wheel - 2011年9月10日。
Tokyo summer 2011.

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