Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Some update of the blog [はじめまして、ヴィンテージアです]

*Japanese below*

Hello, long time no blogging. From today I will try to write in both English and Japanese, though I am not that good in neither Japanese or English meh :P. There are still mistakes in my writing, so please forgive ^_^

I am planning for a new shop called Vintasia. It will be a "zakka" shop (雑貨 - japanese word to call various types of cute small things from accessories to daily goods). I still have a big love with Morning Mori and I know you like it, too, right? (´∀`*). But due to some changes in my life, I thought that it would be more appropriate for me to do a zakka shop rather than a apparel shop.

 I spent the whole day to think of new shop's name. It was hard T___T.
I hope you'd like its name, and the shop itself in the future. I am still planning to open it this October, and I will update here every steps it take... It would be very lovely that I can share the growth of the shop (*'▽'*)♪

To close this very short update, I would like to post some photos I took recently: sunrise and sunset.




最近撮った写真をアップさせて頂きます。日の出と夕焼けの写真です。Hope you like them ^_^


Can you see that little star? あのちっちゃい星は見えますか?


日の出と夕焼け、どっちの方が好きですか?Which one do you like? sunrise or sunset?

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