Tuesday, 20 September 2011

"To keep balance you must keep moving"

[ Tokyo, a rainy day]

 I call myself Midori. My real name is Thuy (means green). I'm not Japanese though I'm living in Japan. I'm living here as a student studying abroad.

I still remember the several first months away from home were tough. Sickness was the biggest problem ^^. Then weather, language, money, food, friends, love, study...I don't have any specific reason but I think that students studying abroad have to try harder than domestic ones, in some senses. Sometimes I ask myself "Why Japan?", "Why studying abroad?", but until now I hadn't regretted choosing Japan.

My major is business. I sometimes ask myself why I chose to study business. Is it because when I made the decision I had no specific interest? Is it because I was said that business is the fastest way to get money, a little or a lot of money (Well people do say that in my country).

I really did struggle for a long time about my decision. I realized that there are many people who don't work in the field of their academic major. And I thought that I would be like them in the future...and so on. That was the time I fell in love with Graphic Design.

I learn Graphic Design as my hobby. Love colors, love layers, love Typography, love to see gorgeous designs, love to make an amateur poster or something, and get comments from friends....But I found that I got stuck there with Business study and would never get a chance to study Graphic Design T__T

Then one day, I fell in love with fashion (what!?) (haha who doesn't? esp girls). I found Mori-girl style by searching every single key-word about Japanese fashion (It took me about 15 minutes). I loved the style for a long time, saw my friends wearing it but had no courage to ask. Then one day (that day) I thought it must have a name. So I searched and found. It is not only a fashion style but also a living style. Love it right away ^^

Not related (actually it is related) but back to my business study. I didn't remember the moment I decided to open an online clothing shop of favorite style, but I think it was because I found the love of business in me (did I? =) ). I just know that I wanted to have my own clothing shop. I wanted to do something.

Opening a shop wasn't as easy as I thought. I had plan to study everything related to Web design, Web developing or Marketing and so on, but failed due to the busy studying. If Tohru didn't help me, I would never be able to fulfill my dream. Something of your own means you have to decide everything around it, from the smallest things like which color would be good for texts, to bigger things such as how much money it would need to open a online shop. I read books and articles about online business, marketing and accounting. I care about it as if it is my son, my daughter, my pet (though I don't have any one of those :D ). It is my dream, a small one though. It is a part of my life, and I love it.

My favorite quote is a quote by Albert Einstein: "Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep balance you must keep moving". I want to keep moving and I will keep moving.

There are still many things I don't know in the world. There are still many things I want to experience in the world and I am moving.

[For me, my shop's preparation and its future] 

PS: Things I want to experience like: studying Italian, traveling to Europe, America and Canada, and Greece, and...(too many to be listed), get on every Ferris wheel over the world...

PS 2: The weather is so cool today. I went to Fuji Mount last weekend and got on the "King of Roll Coaster" - the biggest, fastest coaster in Japan.   It was ROCK !!!

PS 3 (I swear it would be the last): The shop is in preparation for the opening in Oct 3rd. It is still messy but it would be unfair for Momori (shop's name) to not include its Official Website in this entry =). So here it is www.morningmori.com

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