Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Some update of the blog [はじめまして、ヴィンテージアです]

*Japanese below*

Hello, long time no blogging. From today I will try to write in both English and Japanese, though I am not that good in neither Japanese or English meh :P. There are still mistakes in my writing, so please forgive ^_^

I am planning for a new shop called Vintasia. It will be a "zakka" shop (雑貨 - japanese word to call various types of cute small things from accessories to daily goods). I still have a big love with Morning Mori and I know you like it, too, right? (´∀`*). But due to some changes in my life, I thought that it would be more appropriate for me to do a zakka shop rather than a apparel shop.

 I spent the whole day to think of new shop's name. It was hard T___T.
I hope you'd like its name, and the shop itself in the future. I am still planning to open it this October, and I will update here every steps it take... It would be very lovely that I can share the growth of the shop (*'▽'*)♪

To close this very short update, I would like to post some photos I took recently: sunrise and sunset.




最近撮った写真をアップさせて頂きます。日の出と夕焼けの写真です。Hope you like them ^_^


Can you see that little star? あのちっちゃい星は見えますか?


日の出と夕焼け、どっちの方が好きですか?Which one do you like? sunrise or sunset?

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Good bye Morning Mori

Hi, long time no blogging.
As you might know, Morning Mori will be on a long vacation from now. It of course still remains one of my biggest love lol. I swear it will come back, one day... I will never let my dreams disappear without making it come true/ or at least doing something with it.

So, I hope you who are reading this will continue to read and support my blog. More photos and entries about life in Japan will be (hopefully) frequently updated.

Thank you so much ^0^

And here are some photos of my film camera Minolta that I thought I haven't uploaded here.


mango-chan is short-sighted so she couldn't take this well lol

magical light


from the peonies

fuji flower in Tochigi prefecture

Monday, 13 May 2013

Don't give up! あきらめないで

Hello, from Japan.

How was your Mother's Day? Did you say thank you, I love you to your mom, grandmom or family ?
This entry will be just some of my thinking I want to write, to say it out, to share with somebody. Not like other photo entries. Sorry...

I have continued running Morning Mori for nearly 2 years. During that time, I have learned a lot of new things, like how to open an online store, how to design website, how to take and edit products' photos. But, most of the time I didn't try my hard, that's what I realized recently.
One more thing is that, running a online shop is really difficult, really taking time and money. That's what I realized today.

Now I found a job. From next year I can work and earn a lot more than what I made from Morning Mori. I can quit Morning Mori and I'd feel relieved from every daily must-do things like worrying about why there's no order for the shop ><. I did every thing I can, or every thing I think I can. But no result...

Yeah, to be truthful, Morning Mori doesn't have a lot of customers. But, each time we receive order from somebody, we have the confidence to make each customer satisfy! If not on the products then at least on our service. We always try to deliver the items as soon as possible, because we understand the exciting feeling of customers when they found a cute dress or one-piece, and want to try it, have it right away.

When I first opened Morning Mori, my aim was to create an "air", a place where Mori style lovers can gather and share interests about what they like.
It seems to be not fulfilled now.
Maybe I'm not the type who can be a shop manager?
Maybe I'm not trying my best?

What I want to say is, I will try my best. Say to myself, say to my shop, and say to the world. I will not give up on Morning Mori. It has become my son (I mean my daughter) and I will treat it as important as my most valuable treasure.

I will try my best...

Please support me ><

Good night...

Monday, 6 May 2013

Peony - king of flowers. ボタンシーズンの写真

Good evening from Japan~ 
The peony is among the longest-used flowers in Eastern culture and is one of the smallest living creature national emblems in China. Along with the plum blossom, it is a traditional floral symbol of China, and is used symbolically in Chinese art.In Japan, peony is called 牡丹 - ぼたん (Botan) or 牡丹の花. It is also considered as the "King of Flowers" or the "Prime Minister of Flowers."

Last week I had a chance to visit a peony garden in Ueno. The garden is located inside Toshogu shrine (東照宮神社). It is very common in Japan that many flower gardens are developed inside a shrine, and as new season comes, every body goes to seeing those.

Sakura season has ended one month ago. In Japan, thinking of May it's rose season!!! But it hasn't started yet, may be from middle of May...

But, we have peonies (*'▽'*)♪. Let me show you some photos I took at peony garden !

I thought that peony is rose-relatives, but am I wrong?

Pink, white...

Can you image how big the flowers are?

one of my favorite photos

Yae-sakura, its name?

beautiful color, right?

the garden is decorated with big umbrella, adding more romantic and traditional sense

Finally, let me introduce my buddy: Minolta srt 101 film camera!! It's really heavy
PS: New events from Morning Mori: Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

Momori Mother's Day Campaign will be held from NOW until May 12nd, 24:00 pm.
Don't miss our biggest sales time: 20-50% OFF for all items.
It's chance to experience and enjoy one of the most loved Japanese shopping "traditional event" : Lucky Bag

You will not know what you would get from the Luck Bag.
BUT, that's the reason why it's EXCITING. And above all, it's CHEAP!

lucky bag


super lucky

Available lucky bag is limited. Why wait??


Enjoy shopping with Momori right now~ (*'▽'*)♪

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