Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Home decor inspirations

Do you often wonder about how your home would be look like in the future? As girls grow up they often think about their dream houses, don't they?

I always think that dining room should have warm colors

Or navy blue is always lovely
From Ohjoy.blogs.com

love the colors
relaxing room
want the wallpaper ;_;
Favorite colors for bedroom are light blue,white and beige
and a lovely bathroom
so neat ^^
From anthropologie.com
I really like products of anthropologie.com
comfortable items for home
workspace's wall decor idea
lovely workspace!
So girls, until the day we can get our own house, let's build our lovely imaginary houses.
Photos are from various sources of blog and websites. By clicking on the photo you will get the site. 
My inspiration boards Pinterest.

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