Monday, 17 December 2012

[traveling journal] Hokkaido #2: Food and the rest

Continue my photo travel journal to Hokkaido, this entry is about Hokkaido's delicious food, streets, people and so on.
Hokkaido has both the sea and mountain, so it is famous for not only fresh fruits and vegetables, but also seafood!!!!
First, at Chitose airport, I had ice-cream which I swear one of the most delicious ice-creams I've ever had in my life!!!


Then, I came to Sapporo - main city of Hokkaido prefecture. Its famous dish is ramen ( Japanese style of noodles origin from China)

(It's now mid-night in Japan and seeing these pictures made me hungry *cry* T__T )

I've also been to a Izakaya (Japanese bar) in Sapporo and had seafood there.

Next day I went to Okura - a port city. There I had the most tasty SUSHI in my life >_<. I did enjoy them so much that I forgot to take photos T_T

Corn tea that is only sold in Hokkaido 

drink made from kind of berries of Hokkaido

cheese cake was delicious too because they had many farms there


products from milk are loved there <3
And some cute animals ^o^

alpaca <3

so cute ><
at Asahi Yama zoo 

*I'm boring* haha

Final day, I went to Hakodate and had a "local" seafood meal there.


The above photo is octopus's legs which were still moving when I was served T___T. I couldn't eat all of them because I was scared of the thought that they would be moving in my mouth and my stomach >__<

Last thing I ate in Hokkado was ice-cream, again. Felt so sad to leave there ...

Hope you enjoy the entry. If you are going to travel to Japan and have any questions just ask! I'd love to read your comments.

See you again in my next post, maybe it will be about traveling in Autumn ^_^
Good night, from Japan (*'▽'*)♪

Friday, 14 December 2012

[Traveling journal] Hokkaido #1 Nature &Landscape

I know it's quite weird to post a summer traveling entry in this winter time. But coldness these days made me miss the summer's warm (actually hot) days a lot. That's why I decided to bring a little warm sunshine into these cold days by recalling my summer travel to Hokkaido, Japan.

Hokkaido in the summer is really cool and I did enjoy it so much. It is surrounded by such beautiful nature that every body feel relaxed after working days in Tokyo. That's why Hokkaido is one of the places that Japanese people want to travel most.

 I took too many photos to show you guys all in one entry. Therefore, in this entry please enjoy Hokkaido's nature <3

Hokkaido from airplane

Sapporo - Hokkaido's main city

Hokkaido university - a beautiful and large university (didn't understand why there were sheep in uni?)lol

summer memory

little daisy

Hokkaido is full of valley and large farms

it's me lol


late lavender

Hakodate - a city famous for its night landscape

Are there too many photos? I hope you enjoy them ^_^.
Really miss summer, don't you?

Morning Mori giveaway~

It's been quite a while until my last entry, but I have a great news today for all Mori girls who love Morning Mori - our little boutique.

Morning Mori giveaway 

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