Friday, 30 September 2011

Mori shopping corner #6: SM2

One of the most popular brands of natural style and mori style is SM2. Their products are really cute, easy to wear and coordinate.

Brand name: SM2
Official website:
Online store:
Style: Natural, Mori :")
SM2's concept is "Not only wearing but also enjoying our lifestyles"



Good points:
  • Items are irresitable cute XD. Simple, cute, natural, adorable :">
  • Prices are cute too xD. They are quite reasonable, can be said expensive in some senses but worthy :p
  • Good web design.
Bad points:
  • No international shipping

Photos are from SM2 clothes website 
For more information visit SM2's official website. They have published a soooo lovely Autumn collection lookbook.
Enjoy shopping ^0^

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