Saturday, 23 July 2011

Photos for a lazy Saturday

Yeah Actually it can't be called a LAZY Saturday. Being in mountains of reports, assignments and study for next week's exams, I don't have time to write the next post of Mori shopping corner ><. But I promised to myself that after all the exams I will be back to my dear blog, write, find sources, and have new header for it xD.
Do you think my current blog theme is a little bit boring? I am quite satisfied with its color, but I still can do more with it. I want to redesign the header, put more gadgets and more information for it...ふぅ~、so many things I want to do after exams...Can't wait until summer vacation ^0^...
Some new photos recently taken:

In a stormy day, I went to a hair salon :")
Love to watch sunset on the sea
a tiny corner of Japan

It's time to go home ^^

試験でがんばる~ Wish me luck with exams ~~~ ;__;

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Mori shopping corner #4: Wonder Rocket

Yes, Wonder Rocket is no doubt a Mori-kei's brand!

Brand name: Wonder Rocket - ワンダーロケット
Style: Mori, Lolita, natural, street, casual

Personally I think Wonder Rocket clothing is more Lolita-kei rather than Mori-kei, but there are still many Mori-like found in the online shop. And you can be more Lolita or more 'Mori' depends on how you mix your clothes.
  • Price (always one of the first things we consider about): Really reasonable. It can't be called cheap, but I think it isn't expensive at all, compare to some other brands. Normally, an one-piece would cost about 4000-6000 Yen, as I investigated through many natural-kei online shop. But Wonder Rocket's are not that much, and they are definitely cute.
  • Quality: good, of course.
  • Style: cute ^^. It suits girls who love clothes with light or white colors, laces, ribbons and loose one-pieces, and so on *heart*
  • The website is easy to see and find things you want.
lovely lace

  • It doesn't provide international shipping service >_<
  • It doesn't have much goods' quantity in stock. (As I searched for some bags and shoes, half of them were sold out)
If you want to buy clothes from shops which don't provide international shipping service, you'd have to use shipping agents. They would, as your representative, buy things you want from the shop, then ship them to you. All you have to do are to choose items you like and tell them :D. I have heard about this kind of service, but I am not sure about which one is trustworthy.
My future-online shop would definitely have international shipping service : )

Anyway, enjoy shopping ^^  and good night!

a summer-like blouse
Even shoes also have laces and bows!
cool and cute pants

Images source: Wonder Rocket

ムッシュ熊雄\(^o^)/ on Twitpic

ムッシュ熊雄\(^o^)/ on Twitpic

Like father like son - his face is able to show kinds of feeling, as interesting as his owner's characteristic XD

Monday, 18 July 2011

Mori shopping corner #3: POU DOU DOU

 Mori shop of today is POU DOU DOU. It is one of my favorite brand, because of its bright and lovely color coordination (again) and girly casual style.
Brand name: POU DOU DOU / POU DOU DOU vingt-trois
Official site: 
Online shopping site:
Style: casual, street, girly, marine, mori, natural
Brand's concept:

The life that is casual with the free spirit and chic. Image will be forever in personality and the organic city that do not lose brightness. To the person who is intellectual and do not forget the heart of the girl forever brightly. Be pure while feeling a trend, this casual wear which is a natural and a girly with a feeling of relaxation.

  • Price: not quite high for a brand like it. Each item is about 3000 yen (on sale) to 6000 yen. I think it's pretty reasonable.
  • Online shop's design: good, easy to find stuff.The menu and categories have English, though products' names and descriptions don't. But I think for girls who like wandering around, looking for the favorite item, it's okay rite? ^^
so cute ~
Mori girls would love to wear this kind of clothes in summer ^^
Love the shirt - it has my favorite color mix: blue, white and pink
A photo describing product.
Reversible vest - new item for 2011 Autumn
Please feel free to post any question or comment.
Good night ^0^

video: まるです。

Haha he is sooo fat and cute <3. Wish I could keep a cat ~

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Mori shopping corner #2: W closet

I found it just yesterday, and immediately fell in love with it. Different from F21 which is well-known among online buyers, 'W closet' appears in Mori girl magazines like Fudge, Spring, or Soup with high frequency.

Name: w closet
Official website:
Online shop :
Style: casual, street, marine, mori

I specially like the color coordination of W closet

Good points:
  • Personally I found w closet products really good with beautiful color and stylish coordination and reasonable prices.
  • Online shop website is good and easy to use with neat design and English category.
  • International shipping service provided.

you can buy those stuffs with just about 3000yen each

Happy shopping! ^0^

Friday, 15 July 2011

Musicorn: Akatsuki - MUCC

Today's music corner would introduce MUCC's new single. It can't be called 'new' but it's their newest song, and will be my favorite song of the following week.
Its melody is so beautiful and so meets my feeling now, lightly sad. All I want to do now is to get out of this world..
Tat's voice is awesome. And Miya's guitar is amazing, too....





憂鬱を吹き飛ばせ ぬくもりを分け合って





Thursday, 14 July 2011

New hair ^0^

Finally I've had my hair cut and permed. It took me 4 hours sitting and waiting until I got the completed new hairstyle. It's my first time to have hair permed and I'm kinda worried about its straightening ;__; . I have no experience in curly hair, so ~ >_<. I'm afraid that it would be back to straight hair after several weeks...Aaa
So I had to ask around for advices and recommendations about curly hair products as well as tips, but still worried.
How can I do? I want to listen to you guys' experiences.

taken on my birthday in a travel-alone trip

taken last week when I was doing laundry. I was kinda jealous with him/or her.

Wish this palming condition would last for more than 1 month T_T

Good night.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Mori shopping corner #1: Forever 21

Good evening here in Japan,

While wandering around to find a useful and informative website introducing about Mori style's clothes, besides blogs, Journal communities, Tumblr and forums, I found no fully informative English site about Mori clothes and Mori shop list, in spite of the fact that there are so many CHEAP and CUTE Mori shop sites out there, but all in Japanese. So, as a regular-online-shoppers (can be called a online shopping-holic ><), I was just thinking of sharing shops I know and my experience about the shops, and privately to remind myself of not spending too much money on them, haha ( It's impossible though T.T)

さっそく, For the first time of Mori shopping corner, I would like to introduce one of the most popular shopping sites that many Mori girls are using, FOREVER 21

Good points:
  • The most visible point of F21 is the reasonable price. I have to admit that after comparing to the average price of common Japanese shopping sites like shops on Rakuten.
  • Quality is good, the product is nearly same with what you see on the site.
  •  Order steps are simple.
  • Large sales
  • Privately, I think F21 is for lady and cute style rather than Mori style. You tend to be able to find many T-shirts, shorts, cute bottoms, dresses and high-heels here, instead of Mori's casual skirt, long skirt or one-piece. So it often takes time to find a suitable one. However I think there are more summer clothes of Mori style than winter. In summer we have floral print and lace tops and bottoms, Yay~ o(*^▽^*)o~♪
  • Forever21 of Japan has less products than (why?!!) >.<
  • Slow due to traffic access. Right now when I was checking to find some photos it was quite slow.

To sum up, there are still so many girls shopping here, and I think F21 deserves that. As a Mori girl, you can find some reasonable and cute Mori clothes here if you spend time looking up. I recommend F21's accessories, shoes and dresses.

Happy shopping ('-'*)エヘ

Good night~

Friday, 8 July 2011

get into the fashion: bordeaux

get into the fashion: bordeaux

Yeah bordeaux is always one of my favorite colors ever.

New theme for little Tumblr, again ;D

I have just tried for some hours without knowledge about CSS or Web designing, to complete editing a new theme for little Tumblr. I am quite satisfied with this one, esp its lightness which is better than the previous. Except some small problems about text and color…Anyway I couldn’t make it better (I think) so I gave up. Still I’m wondering if it is too simple this time… (Because I was told that the previous one was quite plain ;__;). The background is small floral print and I love its cuteness. Anw thanks to ‘him’ I decided to change the theme, and how it was going. Check it here Kitten in the forest
I’m getting hungry >_<. Surely I would have to be hungry as it’s nearly 11pm in Japan. It was just I forgot the time and hunger and everything as I 'go' editing or designing some thing, really fun ^-^

Enjoy the night ^-^

Sunday, 3 July 2011

New theme for little Tumblr

Finally I have changed my Tumblr's theme tonight. It didn't mean I was unsatisfied with the previous one. Just I wanted to make a change. This current theme seems to have different style with the previous. Anyway I love its colors and pastel color mix of this time is one of my favorite: blue, sakura, or it may be seen as rose, and dark blue. Well I can't call out their name, or have them names :D.
Check it out ^-^ Midorinoyume256 's Tumblr
Good night!
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