Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Very first shots with film camera

Hello from Japan,

Today is Monday, the day is said to be hated most in one week because it ends the weekend and everybody has to go to work :)

But it's now one of the "biggest" holidays in Japan (which actually means national holidays + weekend = a LONG off-day). It's called "Golden Week" in Japan, although the "golden" part has no history or culture meaning at all (≧∇≦)

Yeah after finishing job-hunting I'm taking quite a long break before coming back to school. To kill my free time I has just started some projects with DIY, fabric and film camera.
Film camera is very new to me. Actually I bought my film camera Minolta srt101 last year's winter and took some shots, but because of my stupidness (and carelessness), I spoiled the film and all photos taken has gone forever (´;ω;`)

I'm very careful this time, and here's the result: took 24 shots, all good. But only 10 shots were good enough to show to somebody... So...(;_;)

If you have any experience about choosing films or taking photos with film camera, please share!!! 
Thanks and enjoy ~ (*'▽'*)♪

late Tulip...

little spring

From somewhere above the clouds

Tokyo station

Tokyo station night shot

long for summer

Mango-chan my model

Good night~

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Tadaima! - I'm back

"Tadaima" means "I'm back" in Japanese.

And, yes I'm back!!!!!!
I mean I didn't really post anything like say-goodbye entry or something, but I realized that I've left my blog for so long to focus on my job-hunting.

In Japan, there is so-called "job-hunting season" starting from December of the third school year. From that time until you graduate, you have more than one year to prepare for finding a job, getting one, and enjoying your last moments at university.

It involves in so many company seminars, interviews, online as well as written tests, along with black suits, black hair, stresses, tears and so on.

Thanks for everybody's support, I received job offer last week. That was such a good news to me during 5 months long. It also means that I can stop every job-hunting things to focus on WHAT I WANT TO DO!
Yeah that means I will start working from next year's April, which sounds not really fun, huh? Actually I has been thinking a lot about whether to become an OL (office lady - similar meaning with salary man in Japanese haha), or do my little shop. Finally I chose to do both lol. I will try to be a good OL and study new things as an "shakaijin", as well as take care of this blog and my future shop ^_^

Anyway, here are some cherry blossom photos,"hello, I'm back" greetings for everybody.

And, thank God it's Springggggggggggggg

Hope you enjoy spring and I'll be back soon with latest entry about shop's new items ^0^

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