Thursday, 29 September 2011

Cat Coffee Shop 猫カフェ

Last week I had the first chance in my life to visit a cat coffee shop. I had wanted to visit one for a long time, because I really love cats. (Want to keep a little kitten but cats are not allowed at my apartment *cry*). So all I can do is to play with homeless cats, and, visit cat coffee shop ^^.
The coffee shop was in Ueno, 1 minute walk from the station. It was quite small but had a warm and friendly atmostphere. As I entered the shop a little 'something' run fast through my legs xD. Welcome to the world of cats にゃぁ~ XD
feeling good~ (*^_^*)

Thanks for making me feel good. Now go away miew XD

She(He?) loved sitting there and looking at other people

I really love sleepy cats XD
haha what kind of sleeping posture was that
my finger XD
after a long sleep
sb play with me

"Sorry I'm busy" "that girl is hot" *thinking* :">

wanted to hug ;( 
after day sleep

The shop staff said that he had kind of disability in characteristics :(
 Customers were not allowed to hug cats there, although I wanted to. The price was quite resonable there: less than 1500 Yen for 1 hour, drinks included.
Cats are so cuteeeeee XDDDD. I surely would keep one (or more) in the future!
How about cat coffee in your countries? ^^

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