Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tuesday, 15 November 2011



geta Geta?


sensu Sensu ?


kimono Or Kimono

Aren't they cute? ^^

cute, right? ^^

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MoMoRi Christmas events for all natural style lovers ~

momori christmas events

Another Christmas season is coming. What will you do in this Christmas? Have you started to prepare for the biggest holiday of the year?
MoMoRi is always here to share the joys with you, in every moment of the season change and holiday preparations.
So, why don't you start to prepare for Christmas, right now and right here, with MoMoRi?

On the occasion of Christmas and New Year, we are happy to hold a so-called MoMoRi Xmas event, which will consist of many interesting activities. What are they?

From 0:00 November 16th to the end of December 23rd, MoMoRi is happy to provide the zero-Yen shipping service for all orders of over 12000 Yen.
(Shipping fee for orders of under 12000 Yen remains the same)

♥ 30% SALES, 20% SALES, 10%SALES♥
What are you waiting for? All the Christmas sales products are waiting for you here !


They are all cute Japanese straps: Geta, fans and Kimono. Order now and get one FREE !!!
( Moreover, you will be able to choose the one you like ^-^)


MoMoRi Points: 1 MP will be converted to 10 Yen. You can save up your points to use for the later orders. A big campaign which only exists in MoMoRi Xmas events !

Come and join us with MoMoRi Xmas events! Start order now to receive many ♥ from us !

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Summer flower

Summer flower by midori no yume 256
Summer flower, a photo by midori no yume 256 on Flickr.

Some new photos on Flickr. They are to recall the dearest summer memories with my friends in this small city. I love its peacefulness.
Although summer has gone ...

Japan Flower Arrangement - Ikebana

Last weekend while I was travelling around the city, I had a chance to visit a Ikebana fair. There were many flower arrangement styles which were made and decorated by local obaachan, ojiichan. Although it was just a local fair, I found some inspiration there. 'Cause you know, flowers is never boring.

Finally there were some made by primary school and secondary school students. There were so cute ^^

it said that he is in 4th grade of primary school

It was not crowded because of a rainy day, but I did enjoy it ^^. How about you? Do you know about Japanese Ikebana? I hope this entry would be kind of inspiration for those who loves Ikebana.
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