Monday, 22 August 2011

Tokyo and Me (#2)

久しぶりエントリーを書くね~. It's been a while I haven't written blogs. Feel so guilty to my dear blog :p. Today I will continue writing about Tokyo ^0^ (Yeah before I forgot about things happened here :"> )

Ueno: 上野
I think Ueno is known among tourists by the Ueno zoo and Ueno park. But I didn't go there due to the 38 degrees temperature weather ><. Instead, I went to Ueno's shopping streets/ walking streets or 商店街 in Japanese. The first impress was there were many bicycles left as a long line along the sidewalk. Using bicycles was definitely more convenient there in the walking streets. I was so envious with them who got one (and I was imagining of taking one then escaping...sorry ;__; ), because walking here and there to explore and find things was so tired to my legs.

Ueno station in a not-crowded day

This photo has really Chinese coloring (!)

Then I entered the shopping streets. Being among the shops, I had the feeling of being in China or Vietnam's night street. Products sold here were quite cheap and various. Most of them were clothes, leather things, shoes, bags, accessories and so on. There were also cooking ingredients, seafood, Japanese sea grass (わかめ), dried fruits and fresh fruits, etc. 

Although I didn't buy much there, I could say that I like Ueno shopping streets, because it brought me a feeling of being at home ^^

Shinjuku 新宿

Shinjuku in a rainy day

I visited Shinjuku several times. There was just once I took my camera and took some shots. I also haven't been much to interesting places in Shinjuku, so I will write about it more later.

The first impress was, Shinjuku had large streets, beautiful and high buildings as well as luxury department stores. They were too luxury, too...dazzling to me ( ̄∇ ̄;). However I did buy a handkerchief there (It was all I could afford lol)

The Shinjuku station is at the basement of a department store (as other stations in Tokyo), and what I found pleasure was there were some Mori-girl style brand's shops here yayy~.

franche lippee
Pou dou dou !!!
The onepiece I mentioned in the last entry was bought here in the Olive des Olive Shinjuku branch.
Tokyo is so great. Tokyo is so fun! (●⌒∇⌒●) わーい

Finally, some bonus photos of flowers my friend(!) bought me on the way back home from Ueno. Flowers are really expensive in Japan, so this was the first time I had chance to "touch" and keep bought-at-shop-flowers. Happy ^^

Monday, 8 August 2011

Mori shopping corner #5: Olive des Olive

久しぶり~ Long time no see. Let's back to Mori shopping corner ^-^

Today I would like to introduce about another Japanese casual clothes' brand: Olive des Olive. Its products are really cute and Mori-ish XD.

Website: OlivedesOlive
Online shop:
Style: casual, street fashion, Mori-girl, natural style...

  • Price: quite reasonable, especially on sale seasons xD. I think the items are divided into "high" and "medium" price levels, because while there are pants or blouses which prices are about 2000-3000 Yen, there are also skirts with nearly 8000 Yen.
  • Designs: Compare to Wonder Rocket, Olive des Olive's items are less laces and layers. Instead, its designs are more mature, more adult-like or オトナっぽい, in Japanese. That's how I feel about it. The coloring is good. I recommend Olive des Olive's bags and shoes. They are super cute and unique.
  • Web layout: pretty informative ^^
  • There are friendly staff's coordinate staff's blogs.
  • No international shipping ><

  (Image source: Olive des Olive online shop)

Finally I would introduce my new sweetheart bought in Olive des Olive Shinjuku branch, Tokyo. I recently fell in love with polka dots ><. I believe that the number of polka dots items in my closet would increase after this summer *sigh*
Say hi to the world ^^

Happily shopping ^0^

Survey about Mori-girl style.

Hi, I'm Midori from Japan. I'm a girl who is inspired by Japanese street fashion, especially Mori-girl style. I'm doing this tumblr and my blog just in order to have a place to get more inspirations, and to have the feeling of being in Mori-girl community ^^. I know that there are girls (and boys) out there, who have same interest with me *heart*. It's so great to see you guys posting beautiful things, and tumblr them ^0^.

To know more about how people are thinking about Mori-girl style, I've made a questionnaire. Its purpose is to get to know more about Mori-girl style lovers' thoughts, as well as to make a more favorable online shopping environment for us - Japanese fashion lovers! If you don't mind, please do it. I really appreciate your answers and I'm looking forward to them. *heart*
Questionnaire about Mori-girl style

For more information, visit my blog: Midori's blog
It will be very kind of you to reblog this post. If you found it helpful, please reblog it ^^
Thank you so much ~
From Midori.

" Mori girls are so called because they look as though they would be very much at home in the woods. Basic to the style is a layered look making use of items with an airy feel - such as A-line dresses, long and tiered skirts, and flowing cardigans - made of cotton, wool yarn, and other natural materials. White and cream are favorite colors. Added to these basic items are tights, flat shoes, and cotton tote bags or tanned-leather shoulder bags, often complemented by wavy medium-length hair. The overall effect is soft and relaxed. This style is being embraced primarily by women in their twenties.
The term mori girl is thought to have come from the name of a community launched in August 2006 on Mixi, a Japanese social networking service. Since then, it has spread far beyond the online community into the real world. It is gradually becoming a household word as the style is featured in fashion magazines, made the subject of specialized magazines, and increasingly seen in the streets.
While there are several accepted definitions of mori girls, they are basically fond of loose-fitting dresses; clothes that appear natural in style but have a bit of a twist; folkloric clothes; deep hues such as wine red, forest green, dark blue, and brown; fluffy knit and fur caps; ponchos and boleros; leather bags; small cross-body bags; animal and sweets motifs; checks, polka dots, and classic floral prints; lace; tights and leggings; footwear with rounded toes; and scarves and stoles, which they wrap around their necks several times. Mori girls like going on walks with camera in hand, doing fancywork, and visiting cafes and zakkaya (knick-knack stores).
All in all, the impression is light and feathery. But the mori girl is more than just a fashion trend. It is almost a way of life, with the mori girl mentality pervading everything from hobby and home decor preferences to values and lifestyles." (from web-japan)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Tokyo and Me (#1)


Finally I'm here in Tokyo~ Have waited for traveling here for a long time ;__;. There were nearly 3 months waiting, preparing physically and mentally...And I'm here finally ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ

My Tokyo diary will start from today. It will be all about Tokyo, my impression and my experience while staying and exploring here. I hope the Tokyo diary will be a good reference for myself in the future and also for you guys - travelers to Tokyo if you have a chance. Yeah Tokyo is great! (Even though I have been here for just 3 days). Come here and play with me o(*^▽^*)o~♪

The first entry will be about my first day in Japan: My very first impressions, how to get on the monorail from airport and get on trains.

After landing, I took the Tokyo Monorail from Haneda airport to Tokyo. The airport was large and my bag was 9kg heavy ><, so I struggled a little bit. Thanks to the boards with both Japanese and English, I could find the monorail station. Because the monorail ran from outside Tokyo to the suburban area, I could enjoy Tokyo's scenes and beautiful high buildings. The first impression was Tokyo was clean, as other places in Japan. At first, my imagine about a metropolis was to be large, noisy and chaotic, so I was quite surprised as arriving Tokyo. It's large, but it is not chaotic at all. I can even feel the peaceful here, inside one of the most modern cities in the world, after the terrible disaster happened several months ago, even when it was shaking right now : )

At the train station

  From the airport, I took the monorail and transit at Hamamatsu-chou・ 浜松町. People can take many lines from here to get to the suburban. For me, I got on the Yamanote line・ 山手線 to Sugamo・ 巣鴨, then one more time, took the Mita-line ・三田線 to 板橋区. My bag was too heavy for me, so I lastly called a taxi from station to home. 

The transportation, esp the JR (Japan Railway) - train system is really convenient. Ticket vending machines, boards and signs are everywhere so that passengers can find the lines and gates easily. 
ところで、I would like to add some photos I took in Akihabara 秋葉原 or Akiba - one of the most interesting street in Tokyo. If you are a anime or manga lover, more exactly if you are a otaku, Akiba is the right place for you. : D. I just took a walk throughout the streets and took some shots. I think they aren't enough to describe the true Akiba, anw enjoy them ^0^.

As I thought of coming home, I saw a small and interesting shop selling souvenirs, small things, and ridiculous things xD.
Japan's things <3

Haha XD, plz don't take this seriously
Akiba is the world of figures
There were more interesting and beautiful figures of many famous Japanese anime, manga characters that I didn't take photo. Yes It's quite embarrassed for the image of a girl holding a big camera, running here and there and taking photos of those things : D.

(To be continued ) o(*^▽^*)oエヘヘ!

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