Monday, 22 August 2011

Tokyo and Me (#2)

久しぶりエントリーを書くね~. It's been a while I haven't written blogs. Feel so guilty to my dear blog :p. Today I will continue writing about Tokyo ^0^ (Yeah before I forgot about things happened here :"> )

Ueno: 上野
I think Ueno is known among tourists by the Ueno zoo and Ueno park. But I didn't go there due to the 38 degrees temperature weather ><. Instead, I went to Ueno's shopping streets/ walking streets or 商店街 in Japanese. The first impress was there were many bicycles left as a long line along the sidewalk. Using bicycles was definitely more convenient there in the walking streets. I was so envious with them who got one (and I was imagining of taking one then escaping...sorry ;__; ), because walking here and there to explore and find things was so tired to my legs.

Ueno station in a not-crowded day

This photo has really Chinese coloring (!)

Then I entered the shopping streets. Being among the shops, I had the feeling of being in China or Vietnam's night street. Products sold here were quite cheap and various. Most of them were clothes, leather things, shoes, bags, accessories and so on. There were also cooking ingredients, seafood, Japanese sea grass (わかめ), dried fruits and fresh fruits, etc. 

Although I didn't buy much there, I could say that I like Ueno shopping streets, because it brought me a feeling of being at home ^^

Shinjuku 新宿

Shinjuku in a rainy day

I visited Shinjuku several times. There was just once I took my camera and took some shots. I also haven't been much to interesting places in Shinjuku, so I will write about it more later.

The first impress was, Shinjuku had large streets, beautiful and high buildings as well as luxury department stores. They were too luxury, too...dazzling to me ( ̄∇ ̄;). However I did buy a handkerchief there (It was all I could afford lol)

The Shinjuku station is at the basement of a department store (as other stations in Tokyo), and what I found pleasure was there were some Mori-girl style brand's shops here yayy~.

franche lippee
Pou dou dou !!!
The onepiece I mentioned in the last entry was bought here in the Olive des Olive Shinjuku branch.
Tokyo is so great. Tokyo is so fun! (●⌒∇⌒●) わーい

Finally, some bonus photos of flowers my friend(!) bought me on the way back home from Ueno. Flowers are really expensive in Japan, so this was the first time I had chance to "touch" and keep bought-at-shop-flowers. Happy ^^

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