Friday, 8 July 2011

New theme for little Tumblr, again ;D

I have just tried for some hours without knowledge about CSS or Web designing, to complete editing a new theme for little Tumblr. I am quite satisfied with this one, esp its lightness which is better than the previous. Except some small problems about text and color…Anyway I couldn’t make it better (I think) so I gave up. Still I’m wondering if it is too simple this time… (Because I was told that the previous one was quite plain ;__;). The background is small floral print and I love its cuteness. Anw thanks to ‘him’ I decided to change the theme, and how it was going. Check it here Kitten in the forest
I’m getting hungry >_<. Surely I would have to be hungry as it’s nearly 11pm in Japan. It was just I forgot the time and hunger and everything as I 'go' editing or designing some thing, really fun ^-^

Enjoy the night ^-^

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