Thursday, 21 July 2011

Mori shopping corner #4: Wonder Rocket

Yes, Wonder Rocket is no doubt a Mori-kei's brand!

Brand name: Wonder Rocket - ワンダーロケット
Style: Mori, Lolita, natural, street, casual

Personally I think Wonder Rocket clothing is more Lolita-kei rather than Mori-kei, but there are still many Mori-like found in the online shop. And you can be more Lolita or more 'Mori' depends on how you mix your clothes.
  • Price (always one of the first things we consider about): Really reasonable. It can't be called cheap, but I think it isn't expensive at all, compare to some other brands. Normally, an one-piece would cost about 4000-6000 Yen, as I investigated through many natural-kei online shop. But Wonder Rocket's are not that much, and they are definitely cute.
  • Quality: good, of course.
  • Style: cute ^^. It suits girls who love clothes with light or white colors, laces, ribbons and loose one-pieces, and so on *heart*
  • The website is easy to see and find things you want.
lovely lace

  • It doesn't provide international shipping service >_<
  • It doesn't have much goods' quantity in stock. (As I searched for some bags and shoes, half of them were sold out)
If you want to buy clothes from shops which don't provide international shipping service, you'd have to use shipping agents. They would, as your representative, buy things you want from the shop, then ship them to you. All you have to do are to choose items you like and tell them :D. I have heard about this kind of service, but I am not sure about which one is trustworthy.
My future-online shop would definitely have international shipping service : )

Anyway, enjoy shopping ^^  and good night!

a summer-like blouse
Even shoes also have laces and bows!
cool and cute pants

Images source: Wonder Rocket


  1. I love Wonderrocket! *w*
    All the items looks so shiny, cute and confy!
    I spend hours in the site, becouse unfortunately they don't sell for other countries! It's tooo bad! TwT
    Do you know (of course you know xD)
    They have cute stuff too! *w*

    Ah, sorry for invading your blog, but I can't resist when I see anything related with Mori girl style!
    Ouh, and I really like your Blog. kiss! :3

  2. @ Kanede: Thank you for your comment <3. Yeah I think it is quite a flaw of them not to provide international shipping ;_;
    And thanks for your recommendation ^0^. I was thinking of introducing onepi-c (Cawaii shop) here in my entry series. *heart*


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