Monday, 18 July 2011

Mori shopping corner #3: POU DOU DOU

 Mori shop of today is POU DOU DOU. It is one of my favorite brand, because of its bright and lovely color coordination (again) and girly casual style.
Brand name: POU DOU DOU / POU DOU DOU vingt-trois
Official site: 
Online shopping site:
Style: casual, street, girly, marine, mori, natural
Brand's concept:

The life that is casual with the free spirit and chic. Image will be forever in personality and the organic city that do not lose brightness. To the person who is intellectual and do not forget the heart of the girl forever brightly. Be pure while feeling a trend, this casual wear which is a natural and a girly with a feeling of relaxation.

  • Price: not quite high for a brand like it. Each item is about 3000 yen (on sale) to 6000 yen. I think it's pretty reasonable.
  • Online shop's design: good, easy to find stuff.The menu and categories have English, though products' names and descriptions don't. But I think for girls who like wandering around, looking for the favorite item, it's okay rite? ^^
so cute ~
Mori girls would love to wear this kind of clothes in summer ^^
Love the shirt - it has my favorite color mix: blue, white and pink
A photo describing product.
Reversible vest - new item for 2011 Autumn
Please feel free to post any question or comment.
Good night ^0^

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