Saturday, 16 July 2011

Mori shopping corner #2: W closet

I found it just yesterday, and immediately fell in love with it. Different from F21 which is well-known among online buyers, 'W closet' appears in Mori girl magazines like Fudge, Spring, or Soup with high frequency.

Name: w closet
Official website:
Online shop :
Style: casual, street, marine, mori

I specially like the color coordination of W closet

Good points:
  • Personally I found w closet products really good with beautiful color and stylish coordination and reasonable prices.
  • Online shop website is good and easy to use with neat design and English category.
  • International shipping service provided.

you can buy those stuffs with just about 3000yen each

Happy shopping! ^0^


  1. W closet is one of my favorite online shops and so far I have ordered from them 3 times this year. The latest thing I ordered was their Lucky Bag which IMO is totally worth it. Advertised as 5,555yen but overall to get it shipped to US with shopping service ends up being a little over 7,000yen (about $90+). I had two pieces (dresses) that were well over 4,000-5,000yen each, 2 innerwear 1,900yen each, a skirt and an outterwear so it comes to total over $250USD at its original price but I only payed a little over $90USD :)

  2. Wow you did buy them! Yeah I really love its lovely color coordination and the prices are much more reasonable than many fashion brands :p

  3. I love this website! Thank you for showcasing it, now I just have to figure out how to buy from it.

  4. @ashley sue: I'm glad you like it ^^


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