Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Mori shopping corner #1: Forever 21

Good evening here in Japan,

While wandering around to find a useful and informative website introducing about Mori style's clothes, besides blogs, Journal communities, Tumblr and forums, I found no fully informative English site about Mori clothes and Mori shop list, in spite of the fact that there are so many CHEAP and CUTE Mori shop sites out there, but all in Japanese. So, as a regular-online-shoppers (can be called a online shopping-holic ><), I was just thinking of sharing shops I know and my experience about the shops, and privately to remind myself of not spending too much money on them, haha ( It's impossible though T.T)

さっそく, For the first time of Mori shopping corner, I would like to introduce one of the most popular shopping sites that many Mori girls are using, FOREVER 21

Good points:
  • The most visible point of F21 is the reasonable price. I have to admit that after comparing to the average price of common Japanese shopping sites like shops on Rakuten.
  • Quality is good, the product is nearly same with what you see on the site.
  •  Order steps are simple.
  • Large sales
  • Privately, I think F21 is for lady and cute style rather than Mori style. You tend to be able to find many T-shirts, shorts, cute bottoms, dresses and high-heels here, instead of Mori's casual skirt, long skirt or one-piece. So it often takes time to find a suitable one. However I think there are more summer clothes of Mori style than winter. In summer we have floral print and lace tops and bottoms, Yay~ o(*^▽^*)o~♪
  • Forever21 of Japan has less products than F21.com (why?!!) >.<
  • Slow due to traffic access. Right now when I was checking to find some photos it was quite slow.

To sum up, there are still so many girls shopping here, and I think F21 deserves that. As a Mori girl, you can find some reasonable and cute Mori clothes here if you spend time looking up. I recommend F21's accessories, shoes and dresses.

Happy shopping ('-'*)エヘ

Good night~

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