Thursday, 14 July 2011

New hair ^0^

Finally I've had my hair cut and permed. It took me 4 hours sitting and waiting until I got the completed new hairstyle. It's my first time to have hair permed and I'm kinda worried about its straightening ;__; . I have no experience in curly hair, so ~ >_<. I'm afraid that it would be back to straight hair after several weeks...Aaa
So I had to ask around for advices and recommendations about curly hair products as well as tips, but still worried.
How can I do? I want to listen to you guys' experiences.

taken on my birthday in a travel-alone trip

taken last week when I was doing laundry. I was kinda jealous with him/or her.

Wish this palming condition would last for more than 1 month T_T

Good night.


  1. ah unfortunately I get my hair straightened, not permed, but i think your hair will be alright! it looks very pretty! I feel so envious! wish my hair were just as pretty!

  2. Thank you~. I hope it'd be okay but after just one day it is becoming straight. My hair is kinda weak so I'm using hair-roll. Permed hair is so much complicated than naturally straight hair~, I think.
    So you've get your hair permed before but you got it straightened now? Please tell me about your experiences, about hair treatment and styling products, too. I have no knowledge about them so... ;_;


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