Monday, 8 August 2011

Mori shopping corner #5: Olive des Olive

久しぶり~ Long time no see. Let's back to Mori shopping corner ^-^

Today I would like to introduce about another Japanese casual clothes' brand: Olive des Olive. Its products are really cute and Mori-ish XD.

Website: OlivedesOlive
Online shop:
Style: casual, street fashion, Mori-girl, natural style...

  • Price: quite reasonable, especially on sale seasons xD. I think the items are divided into "high" and "medium" price levels, because while there are pants or blouses which prices are about 2000-3000 Yen, there are also skirts with nearly 8000 Yen.
  • Designs: Compare to Wonder Rocket, Olive des Olive's items are less laces and layers. Instead, its designs are more mature, more adult-like or オトナっぽい, in Japanese. That's how I feel about it. The coloring is good. I recommend Olive des Olive's bags and shoes. They are super cute and unique.
  • Web layout: pretty informative ^^
  • There are friendly staff's coordinate staff's blogs.
  • No international shipping ><

  (Image source: Olive des Olive online shop)

Finally I would introduce my new sweetheart bought in Olive des Olive Shinjuku branch, Tokyo. I recently fell in love with polka dots ><. I believe that the number of polka dots items in my closet would increase after this summer *sigh*
Say hi to the world ^^

Happily shopping ^0^


  1. That dress you bought was gorgeous! <3 I love the look of the dots- the look almost like paint splats.
    Thanks for this post! I knew about Olive des Olive , but it's really great to have someone with extra knowledge about all the shops and items

  2. Hallo, I found your blog by tumblr! I think it is very lovely~ Thank you for recommending shops and introducing them, even just a little, it's very helpful! :D


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