Thursday, 4 August 2011

Tokyo and Me (#1)


Finally I'm here in Tokyo~ Have waited for traveling here for a long time ;__;. There were nearly 3 months waiting, preparing physically and mentally...And I'm here finally ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ

My Tokyo diary will start from today. It will be all about Tokyo, my impression and my experience while staying and exploring here. I hope the Tokyo diary will be a good reference for myself in the future and also for you guys - travelers to Tokyo if you have a chance. Yeah Tokyo is great! (Even though I have been here for just 3 days). Come here and play with me o(*^▽^*)o~♪

The first entry will be about my first day in Japan: My very first impressions, how to get on the monorail from airport and get on trains.

After landing, I took the Tokyo Monorail from Haneda airport to Tokyo. The airport was large and my bag was 9kg heavy ><, so I struggled a little bit. Thanks to the boards with both Japanese and English, I could find the monorail station. Because the monorail ran from outside Tokyo to the suburban area, I could enjoy Tokyo's scenes and beautiful high buildings. The first impression was Tokyo was clean, as other places in Japan. At first, my imagine about a metropolis was to be large, noisy and chaotic, so I was quite surprised as arriving Tokyo. It's large, but it is not chaotic at all. I can even feel the peaceful here, inside one of the most modern cities in the world, after the terrible disaster happened several months ago, even when it was shaking right now : )

At the train station

  From the airport, I took the monorail and transit at Hamamatsu-chou・ 浜松町. People can take many lines from here to get to the suburban. For me, I got on the Yamanote line・ 山手線 to Sugamo・ 巣鴨, then one more time, took the Mita-line ・三田線 to 板橋区. My bag was too heavy for me, so I lastly called a taxi from station to home. 

The transportation, esp the JR (Japan Railway) - train system is really convenient. Ticket vending machines, boards and signs are everywhere so that passengers can find the lines and gates easily. 
ところで、I would like to add some photos I took in Akihabara 秋葉原 or Akiba - one of the most interesting street in Tokyo. If you are a anime or manga lover, more exactly if you are a otaku, Akiba is the right place for you. : D. I just took a walk throughout the streets and took some shots. I think they aren't enough to describe the true Akiba, anw enjoy them ^0^.

As I thought of coming home, I saw a small and interesting shop selling souvenirs, small things, and ridiculous things xD.
Japan's things <3

Haha XD, plz don't take this seriously
Akiba is the world of figures
There were more interesting and beautiful figures of many famous Japanese anime, manga characters that I didn't take photo. Yes It's quite embarrassed for the image of a girl holding a big camera, running here and there and taking photos of those things : D.

(To be continued ) o(*^▽^*)oエヘヘ!

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