Tuesday, 7 August 2012

[Photo entry] Summer starts from here

Finally all the classes and exams of this semester have ended. I was having busy days with them. I went to school from the morning and came back never before it's dark.
A reward for my effort this semester: summer vacation !!! For about 2 days, then I'll be back on track with other things to do, do learn, to read.
Summer brings me the feeling of youth.

It's hot though...

What about you? How are you enjoying your summer, or winter now?
Hope you're having a good time.
And hope you like my photo ^o^

See ya~

"Summer is..."
Summer is traveling
Traveling!!! Mount Fuji
Summer is going to the sea

Beach's sandal and one-piece
Summer is hanging out with friends!

And parties
And of course, summer is ice-cream

time for our hobbies
my new toy camera
Have a great summer!!!

live your best!

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