Sunday, 22 July 2012

Rain season and hydrangea

June and July are the most rainy months in Japan. They are called rainy season or 梅雨. It rains almost every day and you can't go out without an umbrella or raincoat. My uni was so foggy and wet all the time. Rain also makes me feel irritated, except for when I'm sleeping or lazying on the bed.
Most of people don't like rainy season. Neither do I. But I like hydrangea blossoming under the rain. They are pink, violet, blue and white. What a great feeling when you see a sprig of hydrangea swaying under the rain...

Before the end of rainy season (mid to the end of July), I had a chance to go seeing hydrangea. Be surrounded by thousands of hydrangea was an amazing feeling.

I love Japan so much. In Japan, there are flowers every seasons. They are every where...
Hope you enjoy the beauty of hydrangea in my photos.

Good bye rain season...Good bye hydrangea, see you next year !
Just leave a comment if you want to use my photos. Enjoy ^o^

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  1. Hi, thanks for posting so many beautiful pictures of hydrangea. I've always felt a special connection with these flowers because my grandma love growing them :) unfortunately they don't grow naturally where I live :( it's simply amazing to see so many hydrangeas in full bloom in Japan! I'd like to visit Japan some day! :)


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