Saturday, 14 April 2012

Japan traveling: Spring time

Finally the so-called Spring has come. The true Spring with sakura, warmness and sunny day brought me lots of energy lol. I felt like I was reborn after a long cold winter (Winter is fun with snow too, but it's tooooo cold).
So, let's enjoy spring time.
This spring, I had chance to travel around Japan with my mom. We traveled a lot, from Tokyo, Yokohama to Mt Fuji, Hakone and Kansai.
Day 1: Tokyo: Asakusa temple, Tokyo tower, Odaiba, Shinjuku, and some shopping ^^.
Sakura in Asakusa temple

Tokyo Sky Tree :x

Tradition and Modern
Tokyo tower
Sakura and Tokyo tower

from a distance
Tokyo is such a beautiful metropolitan
In front of Kabuki-chou in Tokyo.
Yokohama, long time no see!!!! I love you :*

Second day we went to Yokohama city. It was cloudy and windy, but Yokohama was still a beautiful as it always is. In the afternoon, we were back to Tokyo in the middle of a storm, but mom still enjoyed shopping at Akihabara and dinner at Ginza. ^0^
Third day we left Tokyo *cry* and headed to Mt Fuji.
Mt Fuji - a holly mountain
an active volcano near Fuji-san.
 It is said that if you eat one egg boiled in this volcano, you will live 7 years longer

And I ate one haha
Fuji-chan's face without any cloud (*'▽'*)♪
Day 4th: we went climbing up to Mt Fuji (by bus ^^). The nearer we went to Mt Fuji, the more clearly we could see the snow up to its top.
I felt like being somewhere near Russia
spring flower at Hamamatsu city
Kinkakuji - Kyoto
Next day we went to Kyoto and Osaka.

Sakura has started to blossom in Kyoto
It is said that you'll get luck if you drink water from those 3 streams.
Osaka - I felt a deep sadness as I took this photo
But Osaka is a really noisy and fun city

The trip ended there with lots of souvenirs bought by mom. We enjoyed the trip very much. After mom went back home, I waited for my friend at Osaka to start another trip lol. I will write about it in the next entry ^0^.

Spring flowers:

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