Sunday, 22 April 2012

Japan 2012 - Kansai

In Kansai I went to 3 biggest cities which people often go most when traveling there. They were Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto.

First, I went to Osaka. Osaka was a big, young and noisy city, somewhat alike Tokyo. I think it would be fun to live in Osaka, because the food is great and people are said to be really friendly.

Takoyaki - Osaka's most famous food
A corner of Osaka city

I went to Osaka castle
Osaka castle
Said goodbye to Osaka city

Next I went to Kobe. It took about 30 minutes by train from Osaka to Kobe.
Kobe is called a "Western city", because in the past there were a lot of foreigners went to Kobe port, lived there and left behind Western style architecture.

Kobe port. It was breathtaking, this scene
Ferris-wheel : my love
I got on it yaaa >0<
view from Ferris-wheel.
At that moment, I received a message from him:


love the lights

Next day I went to other places in Kobe like Mount Rokko and visited Kobe center streets.
I like Kobe. It brought me the feeling of peace and somehow the image of a mature city.

A crape store
Mediterrasse is just a shopping mall. But the outside architecture is really cute

On the last day I went to Kyoto. It was sakura's full-blossom that time. I have to admit that I really love Kyoto. If I have chance to go to Kyoto again, I would love to go in Spring or Autumn. It must be really beautiful.

In Gion street
They were said to be "experiencing Maiko girls". So I bet they were not real Maiko girls
Let's see how a real Maiko is. She is a real Maiko
She is amazing...
I have a big interest in Maiko and Geisha. They are such beautiful and amazing women.

Finally, before saying goodbye to Kyoto, I went seeing sakura with my teacher. What I realized is that Sakura at night is also great *love*

The end >_<
Goodbye Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto. I swear I would go back to Kansai again someday. *heart*

From a traveling-lover with love.

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