Saturday, 18 January 2014

Life with kitten!!!!

Long time no blogging (´;ω;`)

For some updates, I moved to Tokyo last year's December. And started to keep two little kitten 1 month ago. Their names are Mai-chan and Mii-chan.(まいちゃんとみいちゃん). Here is their blog in Japanese

Hi, I'm Mimi
I'm Mai

Mimi loves to play! She is very active and curious. I think she is mixed by Japanese cat and Russian Blue cat. But until now I found non of Russian Blue cat's characteristics in her...(;_;)

Mai is calm and less active compare to Mimi. I think her face is kind of "baka"(ばか) lol, but actually she is really clever. She always tries to pee at her toilet, and even vomits there, that very surprised me.

My life with Mai and Mii has become busier, and happier.

Do you like cats? Just hope Mimi and Mai's photos would make you relax, just like they do to me :)

Mai and Google

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