Sunday, 11 December 2011

Nagasaki, in a winter trip

Last month I had a chance to travel to Nagasaki, one of a famous tourism destinations in Kyushu, Japan. It's a beautiful and peaceful city. When people hear about Nagasaki, they often think of Hiroshima, they were both destroyed by nuclear bomb in the past. In my eyes, the two cities are somewhat alike. They also have their own characteristics and popular places. I did enjoy days in Nagasaki, and want to share some photos from the trip ^^.

It took me 3 hours by high-way bus to Nagasaki. I read book and listen to music to kill the time. As a frequent traveler, I have got used to with these things ^^.

New nail color. How is it?
Finally I could spend time for this book
Tram - popular transport system in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, cute isn't it?
an interesting architecture

First day in Nagasaki, I just went to some famous places within Nagasaki city like Glover Garden and the Rope-way cable. It was really cold outside ~.~

To Glover Garden

heh heh (^^)
Nagasaki city, view from Glover Garden
from elevator
Glover Garden was residence of a famous person - Mr. Glover (I don't remember his full name ><), in Nagasaki in the past. It was when Japan and Western countries started to open trading activities, and Glover built his house on a high hill where has become a tourist place. You can visit their website here for more information (because my memory is really bad ><)

Nagasaki's night shot
At the end of the day, I took a 330m high rope-way cable to see Nagasaki's night view. (You know that I love night landscapes - I took lots of night view photos when I was in Tokyo too *blush*)
It was chilly out there, and it was even colder at a place of 330m high >_<. Anyway I did enjoy the night view. You can visit Nagasaki ropeway website for more information.
my favorite scarf received from Mom


Second day, I didn't go to Nagasaki city. Instead of that, I and my friend went to explore mountains and natural environment at a small town near Nagasaki city. We went quite far from the town, went deep into forest and climbed up high ( by car lol). Our main aim of the day was to be able to see stars, which are hard to see with city lights. So we decided to go to the highest place there: 1100m high. We got lost sometimes. But after all we were able to see the night sky full of twinkle stars, like a marble ^^. It was such a remarkable scene in my life. ゚(゚´Д`゚)゚
sushi for dinner - it's said to be the best sushi restaurant in Nagasaki
next day
we went to ハウステンボス
Huis Ten Bosch has many interesting places and games. I like it very much ^0^

Christmas is coming
light tone
Huis Ten Bosch illumination
thriller zones

This Ferris Wheel is called White Wheel, which was newly built and opened for customers from about 26th November. Well, I again met another Ferris Wheel in my life, and add its photos to my Ferris Wheel collection ^^. Happy ~ ♥
Every journey has its end.
It's time to go home. ゚(゚´Д`゚)゚
I really did have a wonderful time in Nagasaki. I hope I would have chance to visit the city again in the future, to see its changes and to bring back all the memories there.
Next place will be Tokyo (again) in the winter. There will be snow, Christmas trees, illumination... and everything WINTER! Wait for my next journey entry ね~
Happy traveling (*^o^*)ー(*^O^*)

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