Monday, 24 October 2011

Festival, Halloween, Morning Mori and Mori girls

Hi everybody, how are you doing? Are you enjoying your autumn?
I have wanted to write something about autumn weather here because it's so good and has always been my motivation (for going out and sleeping instead of studying) XD. Under that Autumn's comfortable weather, I did enjoy my university's annual festival which is called "Tenkusai" - 天空祭. At there we had food stores, perfomances, flee market, ghost house, and fireworks.

blue sky

this dance is called "Mairaku", one of Japan's traditional dance

There were some cosplayers. One of my favorite one was this girl. She's sooooo cute !! And I bet you know who she was cosplaying.

Hatsune Miku ^0^
  Another girl-of-the-day was MoMoRi's camera women - Mango-chan xD. She was lovely in the green and white flower pattern kimono. She was a member of Tea Ceremony club and on the festival days she served tea for customers who visited the club.


Tea room's ceiling xD

Cake to eat with tea - お菓子


ところで, Halloween is coming xD
We don't celebrate Halloween here in Japan. When I was in dorm, I exchanged candies with my floor-mates and that's all. T__T. I wish I could enjoy a real Halloween for once in my life XD

By the way, on the occasion of Halloween, Morning Mori will offer a FREE SHIPPING events from 25/10 to 11/1, for all orders over ¥10,000. Moreover, you will receive a cute Japanese style strap right after you buy any item from Morning Mori. Enjoy ~

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