Thursday, 30 June 2011

Summer is coming

It's been a long time since I last had a post. >< . Feel shame of myself for not taking care of this blog enough. I always think that I have to write posts and memories so that I can't forget them. But I always have no time for writing even a simple one ;A;. ごめんね。
One of the reasons for my busyness is, first and biggest one, Vietnamese Week. I had to sacrifice my time, money, tears and many visible and invisible things for it. Of course the most valuable one was time. I used to wake up early in spite of desiring to oversleep. I had to use almost all the time I didn't spend for classes to do the decoration things in a dirty room T^T. It wasn't enough, I definitely had exams, mid-term and final exams, and reports, assignments...I felt that period was exactly an nightmare. Stresses, tears, shortage of time...and so on. I really really relieved after it ended! ほっとした!Now I always appreciate the Wed,Sat and Sunday when I can laze around my room and relax. That's who I am. (*'-'*)エヘヘ
Aodai Vietnam

Anyway it ended, and summer is coming. It is said that the rainy season is still here in Kyushu, but I have a feeling that it has already gone. たしか6月の前半 には雨が多かったけどね。But now it just has light rain during nights and/or showers for a couple of minutes. Also, biggest evidence for the early existence of summer is that it is getting hot :<. I have to use electric fan 扇風機, and has bought a lot of clothes for this summer. Heh heh. They took me a lot of money which I wanted to save for this summer's Tokyo trip. Well, clothes are for the trip though. :D. Still there are so many things in my wishlist :")
I'm consider about buying a carry bag for the trip, or send my stuff by post to my 'host' house.
A camera - maybe an OLYMPUS.
More clothes........................ :")
If I have time I will update my closet here :D. Then write a journal of my 1-week-Oita trip last month. That was the sweetest 旅 I've ever experienced.
Can't wait any longer till August!

Back to today. I has been looking for a part-time job for a month, but I couldn't get any of them. I took 1 (and 2 today) interviews, made many calls to the recruit agency. I was rejected by all of them. I was said to be not good enough at Japanese speaking to handle a position. I was kinda shocked at that time (it is okay now). Experiences, yeah experiences! To fail is to experience, too. I still remembered how I was nervous every time I tried calling a place, waiting for a call and before the interview. I still remember how shocked and disappointed I was after being rejected...All are experiences!
Today I had an interview of Off-House, a dreamy place for doing part-time job: near my house, a place that I like (I often buy used clothes there). The 店長 interviewed me and asked me kinds of questions like, how I got the recruit information, the reasons why I applied, my working experiences, and so on. I had prepared some of them, so I could answer fluently. Compare to the last (and first) interview, today's was much better.
Then I had another one in the afternoon. At first I thought it was a 焼き鳥屋さん, but actually it is a 居酒屋. And it is located in the night street ><...I was a little bit worried after getting to know that. Because the recruit ads didn't provide positions recruited. I took a deep breath and got on bus, went to the izakaya....Unfortunately, I was lost in the 'night street', scared by soooo many snack and izakaya ><, then ended up with running out of the street and went buying some clothes (again) (=゚ω゚)ボー
That was my day ^_^. A day with interview experience and 'night street' experience. Haha.
Good night お(^o^) や(^O^) す(^^) みぃ(^-^)

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