Sunday, 3 April 2011

And the April came

Finally the March ended and the April has come. I also came back to Japan. It is always beautiful, as usual. I'm home, Nippon.
From bus's window, a shot of Fukuoka city

After a 6-hour-trip on airplane and high-way bus, I was too tired with sleepy eyes, hurt in hands and didn't want to eat anything. However some of my friends called me out for sushi.Yes, sushi!!! How did I want to eat it so much!!! So I couldn't ignore the invitation and had 6 dishes at Meijin  kaitenzushi restaurant.
めいじんという回転寿司屋でお寿司を6皿食べた。久しぶりの寿司も、いつも通り美味しかった ^-^
With a stomach full of sushi XD, we went to Starbucks. Here I tried さくらフラペチーノ - Frappuccino with sakura's flavor which is served only in Spring ^^. Really good it was. Although I don't usually visit Starbucks,I think there is no doubt for the popularity of Starbucks. It provides customers with good service, nice and warm environment, delicious product.
Talking about Sakura, sakura trees on university's campus are all blooming. さくらといえば、キャンパスで桜が満開してるのよ。きれいだね。
Life here is just like usual. I cannot find any unusual things happening here. It's easy to understand because Beppu is about 1500km far from Tokyo and Fukushima. Just when I turn on the computer, read websites or listen to radio, I realize that everything was not a dream. The earthquake, the tsunami and dead people...everything did happen. Yesterday, I took part in a parade hold to collect donation for victims affected by the disaster in Tohoku. We walked around the streets near station, shouted "Stay strong Japan" or " Nippon ganbare" and called for donation. We were all really tired but we did enjoy it and be proud of ourselves.

About my own plans, I'm now still in the progress of making the business plan and trying selling things on Ebay. Well I have to admit that it's not quite easy to sell something on Ebay. ふぅ..
And I've just bought some new stuff for my closet. It's gradually getting full. XD

Finally I found a nice bag for me. Pretty satisfied with it うふ♪(* ̄ー ̄)v. And the shoe I ordered has come, I'm sooooo in love with it, as I love my camera. hehe.

Well, next semester 頑張ろう ^-^

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